Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gold Coast Morib

My next destination was to the well-known beach here in Sepang, which is more commonly known as Gold Coast Morib. Located near the airport, the journey to the beach took my friends and I almost an hour to get there. Upon arriving there, we were greeted with the cool refreshing, sea breeze and a amazing view.

Seen here is the Gold Coast Morib Resort

Chalets built on water can be seen along the end of the beach. These chalets belong to the Gold Coast Morib Resort and is world's first eco-friendly hotel making it an award winning development. The resort here was developed to adapt the cultures of a global village and aims to be an international tourism spot.

View of the chalets during low tide

Photo of me with the beach resort in view

Its was pretty hot when we arrived there, but we were lucky as it was windy at that time. We took a stroll along the coastline admiring the little crabs crawling into the sand. The beach here is clean and the sand is surprisingly white compared to all the other beaches I've been to.

Little crabs crawling all over the beach

A close up on the crab

Spotted this really cool sand design

Leaving behind our footsteps

As it was a weekday, it was a quiet and peaceful afternoon for us. It was a relaxing and unwinding moment for us, taking in the fabulous scenery whilst sipping coconut juice.

The little shack where we had our coconut juice

For those who are planning to come here, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The weather here is mostly sunny throughout the year with monsoon season, from September to December. Swimming here is quite safe, just that you got to keep track with the time. The low tide starts in the morning and resides slowly till noon. Whereas towards early evening, the waters begin to draw back progressively. Jason, Nicholas and I were supposed to swim, but then we've forgotten to bring extra clothes. Even so, just being able to dip our feet into the cool waters is good enough for us.

Jason and I over looking the horizon

Nicholas and I looking really excited here

Just before we left the beach, we had a group photo taken by one of the locals here. The beach really comes to live during dusk, when people of all ages can be seen doing varies activities like water sports, volleyball, kite flying, and fishing

All smiles here

All in all, the trip to Gold Coast Morib was definitely worth it. It is a nice place to unwind and to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was indeed a relaxing place to be in, being able to put aside all our problems for a while.  

Free-style shot we took before we left